AUXCOMM Work Group

The Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOMM) Work Group is chartered by the Michigan Public Safety Communications Interoperability Board and reports to that board. Member groups participating in the work group include:

Our Vision

AUXCOMM personnel across the state are effectively supporting public safety through communications and other services.

Our Mission Statement

The AUXCOMM Work Group coordinates the awareness, development, training, and implementation of AUXCOMM to support public safety agencies throughout Michigan.

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Latest AUXCOMM Work Group News

  • Spring 2022 Exercise AAR Available

    The Spring 2022 Statewide Communication Exercise occurred 30 April to 2 May and focused exclusively on the use of Winlink. There was wide participation from across the state. The after action report and improvement plan has been published and is available for review. Thank you again to Kirk Paxson KE8KOC of REACT for leading the […]

  • Michigan Frequency Plan

    AUXCOMM at the SEOC will establish an ICS 205 Communication Plan based on the attached ICS 217 Communications Resource Availability Worksheet. Actual frequencies and modes will depend on the needs of the incident combined with other factors such as band conditions.

  • Recruiting Ideas

    At the March 2022 meeting of the AUXCOMM Work Group, one of the topics was a brainstorming session on ways to recruit amateurs into the hobby and into volunteer service in AUXCOMM.