The Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC) brings together the following amateurs:

  • Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)
  • National Traffic System (NTS)
  • Volunteers who are credentialed operate in Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)
  • Volunteers trained as weather spotters in the National Weather Service SKYWARN program

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  • Michael Vandermey Appointed DEC for NWS APX

    Michael Vandermey KD8REH has recently been appointed as the District Emergency Coordinator aligned to the National Weather Service in the APX region, covering the northern portion of the lower peninsula.

  • Michael Cameron Named EC for Lake County

    Michael Cameron N8UKF has been appointed as Emergency Coordinator for Lake County.

  • Patrick McVerry Named EC for Kalamazoo County

    Patrick McVerry K8MCV has been appointed as Emergency Coordinator for Kalamazoo County. Patrick succeeds John Mathieson AC8JW. Thank you to John for all of your help in this position over the years!