Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps

The purpose of this net is to provide a weekly state-wide exchange of information and ideas concerning the Michigan ARRL, ARES, NTS, RACES, AUXCOMM and SKYWARN programs. All radio amateurs with a sincere interest in any of these programs are invited and encouraged to take part in this net.

Net control rotates through each district, with section leadership serving as net control on the first session of the month. You can view the net schedule for the remainder of the year. A standard preamble is used for the net.

Part of the National Traffic System

This is an ARES net

Net Manager: KE8DON

Sun at 17:00

7.232 LSB
5.3465 USB Alternate

1 2 3 19

Net Activity Year 2023

Month QNI QTC QTR Sessions Hours
Mar 2023 83 0 2.00 4 49.00
Feb 2023 71 1 3.00 4 47.00
Jan 2023 64 0 2.00 4 30.00