Grand Traverse

TBARG (Traverse Bay Amateur Radio Group) provides services to:

Grand Traverse County Emergency Management

Munson Heathcare facilities with hospital credentials

Gaylord NOAA Skywarn

We also provide support for surrounding District 7 counties.

In addition to ham radio services, we provide mobile satellite Internet (Starlink), VOIP phone systems, FirstNet phone and data access, printing/faxing/scanning, mobile data server, portable generators, linked repeaters for Northern Michigan for analog (FM) as well as a dedicated DMR repeater for the District 7 talk group.

We are currently in the process of developing fixed and mobile video streaming systems.  We are also working on Internet failover services for Munson Medical Center Emergency Operations Center in Traverse City.

TBARG practices every Monday evening (8 PM) sending digital ICS-213  messages on the analog 146.86 repeater in Traverse City using an Android version of FLDigi.


Simplex Frequency: 146.58

Emergency Coordinator:
Glen Johnson K8SGZ1 2 3 9

Volunteer Hours for Grand Traverse County

Month Members Change Contributed Value Total Hours Drills Public Service Public Safety
May 2022 12 0 0 0

Apr 2022 12 0 0 0

Mar 2022 12 0 0 0

Feb 2022 12 0 0 0

Jan 2022 12 0 0 0

Total value and hours: 0 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 9