Chris Vogt Appointed EC for Genesee County

After review with the Genesee County Office of Emergency Management, Chris Vogt KD8BMB has been appointed as Emergency Coordinator for Genesee County. He succeeds Greg Zaleski N8FVZ SK. Chris will also serve in the role of Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOMM) Manager for the county.

Chris brings a broad range or experience to the role. He previously served Genesee County as an AEC from 2015–2018 and is trained as an Auxiliary Communicator (AUXC). Chris is a part of the National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac MICON team, and has helped out as a radio operator in the Michigan State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).  

Chris has a professional background in public safety. He is State of Michigan Firefighter 1 and 2, along with fire officer 1, 2, and 3. He is a member of the Michigan Task Force 1 (MI-TF1) communications team and is trained as a type 3 incident commander.  

In 2019 Chris earned his Professional Emergency Management (PEM) designation from the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (EMHSD). Earlier this year, he became the Chairman of the Genesee County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).