AUXCOMM PTB Initiation Deadline Approaching


As a reminder, when the MPSCIB approved the AUXC statewide recognition process in March, there were a couple of key timing requirements that were set:

  • The PTB must be initiated within 6 months of taking the AUXCOMM class.
  • The AUXC-t (AUXC trainee) has 2 years to complete the PTB after initiation.

This is in line with the recognition process for all other COMU positions.

In addition, it was recognized that there were a number of people who took the course but did not have an opportunity to initiate their PTB for a variety of reasons:

  • The PTB was not published until 2021.
  • The pandemic caused opportunities for working on PTB tasks to be cancelled.
  • The recognition process was only put in place earlier this year.

In order to give all graduates of the AUXCOMM course an opportunity to complete their task books, the following dates were set:

  • All AUXC trainees who took the position-specific training prior to March 2023 will have until June 30, 2023 to initiate their PTB.
  • All PTBs initiated after March 31, 2023 will need to use the addended version.

Deadline Approaching

The deadline for PTB initiation for all AUXCOMM course graduates is just a few short weeks away. If you do not initiate your PTB by then, you will need to take the AUXCOMM course again before proceeding with working on your task book.

What is PTB Initiation?

PTB initiation is not difficult, and requires two basic steps:

  • Obtain written approval from your emergency manager (EM) or their delegate (email is acceptable) to proceed with working on your task book, and complete the initiation page of the PTB. Note: the EM does not have to fill this in; you may do it on their behalf.
  • Complete at least one task with an evaluator present, i.e., a state-recognized COML or AUXC. Hint: the first task is to show your evaluator a copy of either your course completion certificates or your EMI transcript for the prerequisite training: IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800, and the AUXCOMM course.

Help Available

If you are having trouble reaching a COML, Tim Crane <> is available to meet with you via Zoom to evaluate task 1.

Act Now

If you have already initiated your task book, great! You have two years from the initiation date to finish it. I encourage you to continue working on it, and we are ready to help you on the journey. 

If you haven’t yet initiated your PTB, please reach out to your EM and complete these two basic steps before the end of this month. You will then have two years to complete your task book.


Contact us should you have any questions or concerns.